Welcome to Bioastra

Bioastra has built a unique technology platform of responsive polymers and composites that change their physicochemical properties when triggered by a multitude of external stimuli. These smart polymers have already caught the imagination of industry leaders in a wide variety of verticals including fmcg, medical devices, packaging, clean tech and energy.

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Applications And Products


While the Potential for Smart Polymers in Industry is virtually limitless, Bioastra has honed in on Four Key Verticals with the most potential to disrupt:

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The Bioastra Approach


With a multidisciplinary team of chemists, chemical engineers, textile scientists and bioengineers…

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News And Commentary

31st July 2013

Bioastra is pleased to announce the launch of their new website.

31st July 2013

Electroactive Polymer Actuators and Artificial Muscles for Biomedical, Robotic, and Industrial Applications. click here…